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Eduardo Rincón (Cuernavaca, Mexico 1964) initiated his formal education as a Biologist, working in tropical plant research for the UNAM University in Mexico City. In 1992, he presented his first show as a solo artist at the Sloane-Racotta Gallery, deciding to devote himself fully to the study of nature through the arts, rather than to pure science. He actively works as a painter and also cultivates the arts of engraving and drawing. In recent years, he has fused his personal research in plant biology with art projects using contemporary installation and sculpture, in addition to landscape design with native and endangered species.


Eduardo Rincón has received the national young artist award by the FONCA (Mexican National Foundation for Art and Culture). He has worked as an Artist in Residence at the Art/Nature center in Québec, Canada.  He founded the Amate Art / Nature initiative devoted to the conservation of the endangered Amate trees. He currently lives and works in Cuernavaca Morelos, México.


Solo Shows


 1992     Del metate de la vida.  Sloane-Racotta. Gallery. México. City

 1992     Selva. Ix pujil.  Campeche, Mexico.

 1995     La casa Azul. Cuernavaca. Mexico. Allende, México.

 1996     Homenaje a Vicente. Fundación Cante. San Miguel de Allende, México.

 1998     Polen. Casa Teherán. Aguascalientes. México.

 1999     Anima vegetalis. Casa Lamm. Librería Pegaso. Mexico city.

2000     Amate. Museum of the ex convent. Tepoztlán, Morelos.

2001     Lucem. Galería Mexicana de Diseño Mexico city.

2001     Spagyria. Centro el aire. Mexico city.

2002     Stela Natura. Casa Lamm. Mexico city.

2003     Instalación. Proyecto Amate arte/natura. Morelos, Mexico.

2004     Via Sativa. Casa Lamm. Mexico city.

2005     Amate/arte natura tres instalciones en Morelos. Morelos Mexico.

2006     Musa paradisiaca. Casa Lamm. Mexico city.

2007     Obra reciente. La Aurora. San Miguel de Allende. Gto. Mexico.

2010     Terra viridis. Galería Caja Blanca. Mexico City.

2011     Tulpa. Artana Gallery. The Hague. Holland.

2011     Obra reciente. Teresa Diaque. Mexico City.


Group Shows


1992     Jean-Louis Silve Gallery. Valle de Bravo. Mexico.

1992     Pinacoteca de Monterrey Museum. Mexico

1992     Diego Rivera Museum. Guanajuato Mexico.

1992     Aguascalientes Museum. Mexico.

1993     Carrillo Gil Art Museum. Mexico city.

1994     Casa de la Cultura Jesús Reyes Heróles. Mexico.

1995     Jean-Louis Silve Gallery. Valle de Bravo. México.

1996     UNAM University. Iztacala. México.

1997     Galería Mexicana de Diseño. Mexico.

1995     Mayans Gallery. Santa Fe, New Mexico USA.

1998     Mayans Gallery. Santa Fe, New Mexico USA.

1996    Galería Mexicana de Diseño. México.

1997    CMA. Exposición de Jóvenes Creadores. FONCA. Cuernavaca, Morelos.

2000  Boréal Art Nature Center, Québec, Canadá

2001   En busca del paraíso. 250 años de paisaje Mexicano. City Museum. Querétaro, México.

2001   Sensing the Forest. Glyndor Gallery. New York. EUA.

2002   Exposición de becarios del FONCA. Morelos, Mexico.

2009   Hallazgos Naturales, Galería Mexicana de Diseño, Mexico City.

2010    0 años Galeria Mexicana de Diseño. Mexico City.

2011   Tramite. Cinco Perros. Cuernavaca, Mexico.

2011   Tramite Museo. Museo de la ciudad. Cuernavaca, Mexico.

2012   Naciendo del Maíz. Casa de la Ciencias. Cuernavaca, Mexico.




1992     First place. XIII Young Artist National art competition. Aguascalientes. Mexico

1993     Selected at the biennial Diego Rivera. Guanajuato, Mexico.

1997     Young artist grant. FONCA. Mexico

2000   Art production grant. FONCA. Mexico

2000   Artist in residence at the Boréal Art Nature Centre de Montreal, Canadá.

2002   Art Grant. FONCA en el área de Fomento a Proyectos y Coinversiones Culturales.




2001    Founder of the art/nature group Amate arte/natura. Reforestation project with Amate tree, Morelos, Mexico.

2002    Organized and directed an art/nature expedition (The Blue Seed) in the Lacandon forest in Chiapas, Mexico

            with a multidisciplinary group of artists from Canada, USA and Mexico.

2003    Art installations with the Amate tree in several locations in Morelos, Mexico.

2004    Landscape design with native tropical plant species for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

2006- Construction and general supervision for the Landscape design for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

 2008   in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

2006- Art projects for the Meridien Hotel in Cancun, Mexico, the Palmilla Hotel in  Cabo San Lucas Mexico, the Four

           Seasons Resort at Scottsdadle, Arizona, the Capella Hotel in Cabo San Lucas,  the Fairmont Hotel in

            Acapulco Mexico, the Four Seasons Hotel in Punta Mita Jalisco, Mexico and the Intercontinental Hotel in

           San José de Costa Rica.. Sculpture and painting project for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Ribiera

           Maya, Mexico.



             Aguascalientes Museum, Aguascalientes, Mexico.

             Universum Museum, UNAM, Mexico City.